11 Tammuz 5778
24 June 2018
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Book of Genesis

  • 15 November 2017 | Simon Goulden

    Just Imagine!

    This week’s Torah portion (Vayetze) clearly shows us the power of imagination. Jacob has just fled his parents’ home. He …

  • 19 November 2015 | Yaacov Finn


    And he dreamed, and behold a ladder set up on the ground and its top reached to heaven; and behold, …

  • 19 November 2015 | Felicia Epstein

    Jacob meets Rachel

    In last week’s parsha, Toldot, Isaac strove with the herdsmen of Gerar over the digging of, and access to, wells …

  • 13 November 2015 | Yaacov Finn

    Yitzchak the Great

    This was originally written as a sermon.

    Of the major characters that inhabit the Torah, we know the least about …

  • 29 October 2015 | Rabbi Dr Moshe Freedman

    Abraham’s plea to God

    This originally was posted on www.moshefreedman.com

    And Abraham drew near and said, ‘Will you destroy the righteous with the wicked?’ …

  • 29 October 2015 | Joe Wolfson

    Yishmael Ben Avraham

    If there is one constant theme of Bereishit it is that of multiple sibling rivalries in which the first born …

  • 16 October 2015 | Yaacov Finn

    The Torah of Bavel

    This was first written as a sermon. It has been edited to a small extent to increase its readability however …

  • 16 October 2015 | Lindsey Taylor-Guthartz


    Noach, the central figure of this week’s parshah, is a bit of a conundrum. On one hand, he is described …

  • 20 November 2014 | Maureen Kendler


    “and Rebecca heard when Isaac spoke to Esau his son…” (Gen 27 v 5)

    When we were first introduced to …

  • 28 August 2013 | Rabbi Michael Pollak

    Chayei Sarah

    The JC- Portion of the week

    8 November 2012

    “And Abraham buried his wife Sarah in the cave of the…